The Story Behind the Brand

58th Street Country Club

Tipsy Tea reflects the glamour and revelry of the speakeasies of Prohibition New York. As drinking was outlawed, contraband liquor was often served in teacups and teapots to avoid detection.

The fabulous 58th St Country Club was one of the finest hidden establishments, set in a unassuming townhouse near Broadway it was a den of delights.

Featuring a mini golf course, goldfish pond and soda fountain, it attracted the rich and famous from around the world including Al Capone, John D Rockefeller and the Duke of Manchester.

Belle Livingstone

The Country Club's proprietor, Belle Livingstone, embodied the decadence and extravagance of the era...

Discovered in a sunflower patch as a baby

She ran away and married a stranger to become a showgirl

Frolicked with Dukes, Lords and even a Prince


Was famously caught evading the authorities in red silk pjyamas and stilletos

Belle is famously quoted as saying, she wanted her tombstone to read:

"This is the only stone I left unturned"

Tipsy Tea is inspired by Belle, her rebellious life & her fabulous patrons

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