Looking After Planet Tipsy Tea

Our B Corp Journey

As you’ve probably guessed, here at Tipsy Tea, we’re passionate about sharing our great tasting drinks far and wide. However, we also know that there’re more to life than boozy brews (although they are fantastic)! That’s why we’re committed to running Tipsy Tea in a way that is good for the world.

Our mission is to bring people together to share positivi-tea. One of the ways that we’re doing that is by becoming B Corporation Certified.

If you’re wondering what on earth a B Corporation is, well, the “B” stands for beneficial and basically, it’s a certification for businesses that aim to do good for society as a whole, rather than just shareholders.

To become B Corps, businesses have to meet certain standards in relation to their structure, environmental impact and community contribution.  

Some B Corps that you’ve probably heard of are Ben & Jerry’s, Innocent and Body Shop and many more are on the journey. And last year, Waitrose launched a B Corp ‘aisle’ on their website, to help conscious consumers find the brands that match their values.  

We’re only small but we’re keen to grow in the right way, that’s why we’re we’ve started this journey. The assessment process involves quite a lot of form filling, which we won’t bore you with, but here are a few of the steps we’re already taken:

  • Our packaging is fully recyclable and where possible we source recycled materials as well;
  • We try to work with local suppliers and ensure that our partners share our core values;
  • We’re developing a carbon offsetting plan to address the impact of transportation;
  • We are also supporting local charities with donations and volunteering.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the B Corp Certification, we would recommend the fantastic Hannah Cox at Better Not Stop. She’s a B Corp Consultant and is working with loads of great companies to help them ‘be better’!

We’ll be sharing our journey on our Instagram @tipsytea

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