Alcoholic Tea Recipes

Alcoholic Tea Recipes

Did you know that tea is the second most consumed drink in the world? Only water is more popular, and we need that to survive! What does that tell us… tea is a thing of wonder.
Given tea’s popularity, it’s inevitable that some of the boozier amongst us would want to add a tipple to their tea. For us, it was a no-brainer hence our tea-infused liqueurs which combine tea, alcohol and natural flavours to make easy to serve, alcoholic teas.
But for those of you looking to ‘do it yourself’ here are our favourite ‘home brew recipes’:
Tea-Infused Spirits
Starting simple, you can infuse your favourite spirit with tea by adding good quality loose leaf tea bags. We find 4 tea bags in a 70cl bottle is about right. Herbal teas are milder and a good starting point. We recommend testing after 12 hours and leaving for longer if you prefer a stronger infusion.
Top Tip: Decant into a jug or wide necked bottle whilst infusing to ensure you can remove the tea bag when done.
Our favourite combination: Moroccan mint and vodka
Booze in Your Brew
For many, when they think about boozy brews, their mind turns to grandparents adding a swig of something strong to a milky tea. Whilst alcoholic tea has evolved beyond this, sometimes the oldies are the best. A glug of spirit can work wonders in a cuppa. We’d recommend no more than a measure so you can still taste the tea.
Top Tip: Add sugar, even if you wouldn’t usually, to balance the alcohol.
Our favourite combination: Whisky in black tea.
Alcoholic Iced Tea
Iced tea is a prime candidate for alcohol. Although the classic Long Island Iced Tea doesn’t actually include tea, there are lots of hard iced tea combinations that work brilliantly. You can either buy an off the shelf icd tea or brew your favourite fruit tea and allow to cool. Then add the spirit of your choice and lots of ice.
Top Tip: Go for a contrast, avoid sweet tea and sweet spirits, unless you have a particularly sweet tooth.  
Our favourite combination: Ginger tea and spiced rum with a splash of ginger beer
Tipsy Tea: Tea-Infused Liqueur
If you want to experience this perfect pairing but you’d prefer somebody else to do the work, check out our Shop.

We have a range of flavours and our liqueurs can very easily be served as a hot or an iced tea. We also have a selection of gift sets so you can give the gift of tea to your nearest and dearest. 


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