We Came, We (War)saw, We Drank

We Came, We (War)saw, We Drank

After a busy few months finalising the first order for our friends at Provins, we decided it was time for a break. So we took Tipsy Tea on tour to Poland’s capital; Warsaw.

Having been too busy to do any research before we went, we didn’t know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

On the first day we did a bike tour which gave a great overview of the sprawling city and its fascinating history. We couldn’t believe that 85% of the city had to be rebuilt after WWII. Rather than rebuild with modern buildings, they recreated the original buildings, so the ‘old town’ is actually pretty young.

Warsaw has something for everyone; beautiful buildings (the Palace of Culture is particularly impressive although it has a controversial history), tonnes of museums, a never ending supply of bars and restaurants and even a beach! We would definitely recommend a trip if you get the chance.

Of course, we couldn’t visit Poland without tasting some vodka and we were soon thinking up new Tipsy Tea flavours… anyone for a Black-Tea Russian?


Our favourite places for tea and alcohol…

Favourite Cafe: Niezle Zolko
Favourite Bar: Beer & Books